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Malta Gaming Authority is the licensing body that grants licenses to both land-based and online casinos. Founded in 2001, the MGA Corporation oversees security for the gambling industry, which has resulted in various companies seeking its services. As such, it is considered an important guarantor of reputable gambling businesses. With that license, you can appeal against any inappropriate refusals to payout money winnings!

The best MGA licensed online casinos

Our experts have been working in the gambling area for many years, so we can tell you which online casinos are safe and which ones are not. That’s why our list of best MGA licensed online casinos includes only those that passed a compulsory check by We also considered players’ comments and experience with these casinos, so you can get an idea about how much fun can be had at them.

Welcome to our bonuses and promotions.

Many players base their casino pros and cons on the bonus, which is certainly not wrong. After all, who doesn’t want to enter the game with an attractive bonus? A look at Malta’s casinos shows that you can expect a lot – sometimes even free spins!

The welcome bonuses are not limited to just a few casinos, but are available for players in several online casinos at once. Welcome packages usually include free spins as an additional benefit. These offers can be activated with one click when making a deposit. You usually don’t need a bonus code to claim them.

Our Best Welcome Offers:

The online Malta casinos do not neglect their regular customers; on the contrary, they are often lavish in their offers. Free spins, deposit bonuses and reloads are just some of the activities that can be found on the promotion menus.

Expert tip: Pay attention to bonus conditions

Regardless of the bonus model employed by a casino, you should always pay close attention to the bonus conditions. These are ultimately used to determine if a premium offers is genuine. To do this, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many times do you have to place a bet to earn the bonus?
  • What percentage of the sales success resulted from which games?
  • How long do I have to complete my wagering requirements?
  • What is the maximum number of playing hands I can hold when rolling over?
  • Is there a limit to how much of a casino bonus you can win?

By the way: Many new online casinos in Malta are now making their free spins available unconditionally. That means you can use them without having to wager any of your winnings first.

No Deposit Bonuses at MGA Casinos

Regardless of where you live and what casino license you have, no deposit bonuses remain the most popular type of offer for players. You can find a great deal at MGA Casinos:

MGA License Policy

To be licensed as a major MGA online casino, the operator must undergo a rigorous verification process. This includes sending all necessary documents to an independent regulator. The regulator will examine these documents and check that they are valid, ensuring that no criminal records exist against the applicant or his / her family members.

But you shouldn’t think that after getting a license from the Malta Gaming Authority a casino becomes fair and transparent for its clients. There have been many cases when casinos’ owners have not paid players their winnings and have improperly blocked their accounts.

A licensed casino is fully aware of its social responsibility to the community, including gambling addiction prevention. If a player becomes addicted to online gambling, his or her account can be suspended by blocking access to the site. You can ask for help on many gambling platforms in special resources dealing with addiction issues.

Key Tasks

  • We will protect children from harm, and we will not allow gambling for them.
  • The casino monitors honest business.
  • Player protection and financial security;
  • A licensee can specify supplementary clauses in a license.

Who issued the gambling license to Malta?

Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004, and it is considered to be a leading jurisdiction in the iGaming industry. The country was the first to establish strict guidelines for online casinos.

In the 1990s, online games became increasingly popular. Consequently, Malta established its own regulatory authority – the Malta Gaming Authority – to provide rules for providers and players of these games.

The Malta Gaming Authority, which oversees online casinos and other gambling providers, also regulates online bookies, lottery providers and other related companies. The authority issues licenses after reviewing an applicant’s background and qualifications. Licenses are granted only if the applicant can meet all the requirements without restriction. The Malta Gaming Authority ensures fair games through regular checks on players’ transactions and game outcomes.

Complaining about a Malta licensed casino

The Malta Gambling Authority has a fair investigation process in place to address your complaints. We do not always respond quickly, but we are aware of the issue and have been working to solve it. For example, if you have a complaint about a Maltese casino licensed by the MGA, please read our instructions for making a complaint:

  • To get help from the Malta Gaming Authority, click on the Support/Online Gaming Support tab.
  • Now you are ready to enter your details.
  • Describe the nature and scope of problems you have encountered with online casinos, including any violations made by these casinos.
  • Please attach any screenshots you have to back up your claims.
  • Then click the checkbox to send a copy of your work to me.
  • Click the Make a Complaint button to start the process.

Gambling History in Malta

Let’s go back in time to Geography class, when you first learned about Malta. In 2002, the country was the first country in the world to open its doors to online entertainment. Then in 2004, when Malta joined the European Union, gambling became legal there.

As a result, Malta began to develop its own regulations for online casinos. It is still considered the safest gambling jurisdiction in the world. Thus, it became a popular jurisdiction for tax structures related to online gambling.

Types of Malta Licenses

Nowadays, the government issues four types of licenses for running a legal business in the gambling area:

MGA Reputation

In 2010, Malta’s gaming regulator was accused of having connections with the Italian Mafia. This led to a reputation blow for the MGA and ongoing checks from European regulators.

Anyone in authority in gambling could easily get carried away by the lure of money and jeopardize his reputation.

Although the gambling industry has been criticized for its many problems, it contributes 12% of Malta’s entire GDP. As long as the government continues to treat Gambling with respect and transparency, it will continue to benefit from this trade.

Malta’s main task remains unchanged – to provide a high level of security for its clients so that they can enjoy the thrill of gambling with confidence!

But is there a downside to registering with a Malta online casino? We’ve come up with a list of pros and cons to help you decide.


  • Available for download is a complete game program.
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • live casino
  • No regulated betting limit
  • No monthly deposit limit
  • Lots of payments available.
  • Very good bonus programs
  • Valuable EU license


  • You will have to apply for a permit in different countries.
  • Some GEOs prohibit the enforcement of profits.
  • Some languages do not support continuous operation.

What 8Spins think about the Malta Licensed Casinos?

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has a reputation for being a reliable gaming authority in the virtual casino world. The license granted by the MGA ensures that all of the online casinos operating in Malta are serious and trustworthy.

However, the players have even more far-reaching advantages. They can play with high stakes and enjoy attractive bonus programs. If you want to play with high stakes and win big money, you won’t have any problems in an online casino in Malta. The complete game portfolio, including progressive jackpots and live casino games, also speaks in favor of these platforms.