Ultimate Guide to Top Online Futsal Betting Bookmakers

Best Bookmakers for Futsal Betting

Futsal is a sport that can be played indoors, and it is often used as a way to practice for other indoor sports. Futsal matches are popular with gamblers because they can wager on the outcome of matches using the sites listed below. These bookmakers offer a wide range of futsal betting markets, making them unique among online gambling sites.


Cbet is a standout among online Futsal betting sites. The sportsbook has excellent statistics and odds, as well as several Futsal betting events.

  • Pros
  • Offers futsal live streaming
  • Offers punters the chance to bet on futsal odds.
  • It has a bet builder that allows you to place multiple bets on a single outcome.
  • Offers futsal live statistics
  • Cons
  • Lacks Futsal betting tips


1xbet is a great place to bet on futsal. With pre-match and live betting options, you can bet on all types of futsal matches. In addition, 1xbet has a special page dedicated to futsal that makes finding the latest matches easy.

  • Pros
  • Offers the best futsal odds
  • Live statistics are provided to futsal bettors
  • Allows fans to watch futsal matches online
  • Offers cash-out
  • Cons
  • Covers only top-tier matches

Visit 1xbet Futsal Betting


Melbet offers punters a number of different ways to bet on futsal. The bookie offers fast payment methods, and it’s easy to deposit money into your account.

  • Pros
  • Live betting is allowed
  • Bet Builder lets you place multiple futsal bets at once.
  • Futsal punters can get better odds by betting with us.
  • Allows players to cash out some events.
  • Cons
  • There are only a few types of bets available for events.

Try Melbet Futsal Betting


Ladbrokes should be your first choice for betting on UEFA Club competitions and FIFA Futsal World Cup events. The bookmaker’s bet builder system allows you to create futsal accumulator bets quickly and easily.

  • Pros
  • In-play betting allows gamblers to bet on the outcome of futsal matches as the matches are in progress.
  • Offers futsal live streams
  • We deliver results on time
  • Futsal punters can find betting tips on our site.
  • Cons
  • Futsal odds are more competitive than those for regular soccer matches.

Join Ladbrokes Futsal Betting


Though Unibet is a fairly old bookmaker, it has fantastic coverage of futsal matches. You can bet on pre-match and live markets with ease by simply signing up for an account.

  • Pros
  • When players are playing online, real-time results are displayed on their screens.
  • Offers live streaming options
  • Has a bet builder
  • Allows cash-out
  • Cons
  • Does not have global coverage

Link To Unibet Futsal Betting


Betway is your best option for placing futsal bets. Their website makes it easy to find up-to-date betting odds on specific futsal events and find out when new markets open.

  • Pros
  • Guarantees useful futsal statistics
  • You can find plenty of futsal betting tips online.
  • Grants in-play betting
  • Stream live events!
  • Cons
  • Futsal does not receive the same level of media coverage as other sports

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What Is Futsal Betting?

Futsal betting involves making bets on the outcomes of futsal matches and tournaments. Futsal is a fast-paced game that was created as an alternative to football.

It is a team sport played indoors on a hard court by two teams of five players (one goalkeeper, four outfield players). It is very fast-paced and requires quick reflexes and athleticism.

One difference is the kick-in rule, which is used instead of throw-ins. There are also some different rules; for example, no offside rule. This leads to high scoring outcomes and can be a lot more fun to place bets on.

What Are Some Good Futsal Betting Sites?

If you are new to betting on futsal, then you will want to choose a bookmaker with a great welcome offer and free bets. The best bookies for new players are Bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill. These companies have worked with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to make sure that they are safe websites.

Even the sites with fewer markets will have a home win, away win, or draw market available. The best futsal betting sites will offer many more types of bets though.

What Are the Available Betting Markets?

  • The tournament winner market is one of the most popular types of markets to bet on. To maximize your chances of choosing the winner, check out past winners and the squads of competing teams.
  • Totals betting involves predicting the total number of events in a match. For example, in football, totals bets could be based on corners and cards in a match. Typically, bookmakers offer over/under limits for these types of bets. For example, an over/under on goals scored might be set at 0.5 goals.
  • One-X-Two is a betting system that lets you bet on the outcome of one match. The three possible outcomes are a home win (1), a draw (X) and an away win (2).
  • Prop bets are similar to total bets in that they involve betting outside of match outcomes. Futsal prop bets can include things like which team will score first, how many goals will be scored or even when the first goal will occur (i.e., odd or even number). While not as popular in futsal, these markets can be fun and provide amusing alternative events that could happen during a match.
  • Handicap betting is a common way to make your bet more enticing. For example, if Manchester United were playing Accrington Stanley and the odds were not in your favor, you could add a handicap that benefits Accrington (such as giving them two extra goals) and this will make the odds shorter.

Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of futsal betting:

  • Pros of Futsal Betting
  • As futsal grows in popularity, more bookmakers are adding odds for it to their offerings.
  • If you are familiar with the rules of football betting, then it will be easier for you to learn futsal betting.
  • It is a simple game, but one that also offers opportunities for betting on props and totals.
  • Cons of Futsal Betting
  • Bookmakers that do offer futsal odds don’t offer a full range of bets.
  • Futsal news is not always easy to find, because it is not very popular in the world.

What Are Some Futsal Betting Tips?

Here are some tips for betting on futsal:

  • Even in futsal, some players are more important than others. Before you back a team to win, ensure they’re not missing their main man. This could be crucial in making the right decision. Keeping an eye on these missing or injured players could be crucial in making the right decision.
  • You may want to consider the recent form and statistical information when making your prediction. Paying attention to recent results and statistics from futsal matches and competitions can be helpful in making predictions. While this is not a sure-fire way to reach the right prediction, it can be helpful in making judgments about which team is likely to win.
  • In the beginning, bet on strong teams until you have a better understanding of the sport or league/competition. You will win less but you’re also less likely to lose.
  • Goalkeepers play a more crucial role in futsal matches. In full-size football matches, their positioning and defense can support them; but in futsal, one false move could leave the goal exposed. Take a look at the statistics on a keeper’s goals conceded to help you determine which goalkeeper might have an off day during play.

Is it a good idea to place live bets on Futsal matches?

Yes! As we mentioned above, futsal is a fast-paced game that requires technical skill and improvisation. Live betting on futsal can be really enjoyable if you like watching players with these qualities in action.

You can make some big bets on Futsal, a game with a quick pace that makes it hard for teams to build up a big lead. The best Futsal betting sites will have Futsal live streaming available when you have bet on a game.

Is it Worth it to Bet on Futsal?

As futsal continues to grow in popularity, it’s a good idea to start betting on the sport. Although you may not hear about it as often as other sports, there are plenty of dedicated fans and websites that keep you up-to-date with the latest news.

The FIFA YouTube channel is a great place to go for updates on football matches and highlights. If you are into betting on football, it’s worth trying out the transition from betting on other sports to futsal because you’ll find the betting options are similar. The big bookmakers have odds for futsal so you can be sure that your bets are safe and there may be more generous odds available than with some other sports.


How to find a good futsal betting site?

When you’re betting online, you should start by looking at the markets and odds available at the top sites. You’ll also want to check reviews and user feedback before deciding where to place your bet.

Is futsal betting the same as that on football?

Although the rules of each sport are different, the object of both is the same: to score more points than your opponent. You can apply many of the same betting techniques to both sports.

Which countries are worth backing in the futsal World Cup?

Brazil, Argentina and Portugal are all strong contenders.

What types of competitions can I bet on in futsal?

Explore the UEFA Futsal Cup and the Spanish Premier Division of Futsal.

Is it necessary to watch a futsal match I have placed a wager on?

It is not essential, but it can be helpful to watch live events if you want to better anticipate the outcome.