Top Gaelic Sports Bookies for 2024

While its neighbours, the United Kingdom, have always been crazy about football, Ireland has had a lukewarm reaction to it. However, that has changed in recent years with the emergence of Gaelic sports betting sites. These sites have made the activity garner interest far outside Ireland’s borders.

You asked for it, and here it is. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Gaelic sports betting. We’ve compiled a list of the best online bookmakers for Irish sports, as well as their features and common markets. Ready to dive into the magical world of Irish sports?

The best bookmakers for Gaelic sports betting

Gaelic sports such as rounders, Gaelic hurling and Gaelic handball are becoming more popular in online betting. The following bookmakers offer a full range of markets on Gaelic sports:


Even though Betway focuses more on English Premier League (EPL) events, it has a Gaelic sports section that includes the best Gaelic sports events. In addition, the bookie makes sure punters have access to appealing odds.

  • Pros
  • Presents live statistics to gamblers
  • Gaelic sports live streaming will allow you to watch football matches online.
  • Offers real-time results
  • Cash-out of Gaelic events has been implemented.
  • Cons
  • Focuses on international events

Visit Betway Gaelic Sports


Bet365 has been providing punters with access to Gaelic sports for many years. You can now watch Rounders, Gaelic handball and Hurling matches on this site.

  • Pros
  • For Gaelic sports, it has the best market depth.
  • Offers live streaming function
  • Has a bet builder tool
  • It provides helpful statistics on Gaelic sports
  • Cons
  • Gaelic sports odds are slightly more favorable than what you might find in another sport.

Visit Bet365 Gaelic Sports


Melbet is one of the most popular Gaelic sports betting sites. It offers bettors access to a wide range of Gaelic sporting events and allows them to place bets on a number of different matches at any given time.

  • Pros
  • Live statistics are available
  • Offers Gaelic sports specials
  • You can place bets on Gaelic games in play.
  • You can see the results of your moves as you make them.
  • Cons
  • Although all Gaelic matches are televised, some are not covered by major television networks.

Try Melbet Gaelic Sports


Bwin allows you to bet on many GAA sports, including hurling and rounders. The site has a wide range of markets, including unique ones.

  • Pros
  • Has bet building tool
  • In-play betting allows you to bet on Gaelic sports during the course of the game.
  • Gaelic sports betting tips are offered by this website.
  • Guarantees real-time results
  • Cons
  • The odds for Gaelic sports are fairly low.

Join Bwin Gaelic Sports


Boylesports is one of the most dependable bookmakers for Gaelic sports with multiple fixtures. It’s particularly useful if you want to bet on matches.

  • Pros
  • Covers Gaelic sports like hurling and camogie
  • Live streaming is allowed
  • Gaelic Sports offer free bets
  • Permits live betting
  • Cons
  • Access to international fixtures is limited.

BoyleSports offers a wide range of Gaelic sports, including football and hurling.

What Is Gaelic Sports Betting?

Gaelic sports betting is betting on the outcome of the two Irish sports, Gaelic football and hurling. Both games are administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). The only difference between them is that hurling is played with a stick called a hurley, whereas Gaelic football is played with an egg-shaped ball called a football.

Before you place any sort of bet, learn the rules. The National Championships are basically a holiday in Ireland, and both Gaelic football and hurling are considered national sports. Don’t be discouraged by the strange nature of the two sports. Think of Gaelic football as a mix between rugby, football, and American football, while hurling is all that with a bit of lacrosse sprinkled in between. 8spins also advises you to learn them at the same time because they have many similarities that will save you some time when learning them both.

Regardless of the method you choose to learn, you should invest the first 1-2 months of your learning process into watching the games. The Gaelic games are shown on Irish national television, so any dedicated bettor can watch them. After you have gained a solid base of knowledge in the game, it is time to pick a solid bookmaker.

What Are Some Reputable GAA Sports Betting Sites?

In the 2000s, most licensed bookmakers in Ireland offered only horse racing, soccer and rugby. Thankfully, things are different today. There are dozens of online bookmakers catering for punters who want to bet on Gaelic sports. Despite their legality, these sites rarely resemble one another in terms of promos or banking methods.

Here is a list of our favorite online bookmakers for Gaelic sports. We have tested each site through our in-house testing protocols and also spent time playing on them during the season to see what markets are available. In the end, finalizing our list was smooth and simple.

What Are the Different Betting Markets?

Gaelic sports betting sites provide a variety of different markets, which can be found on other betting sites as well. However, these are important to creating a strategy:

  • The first team to score in a Gaelic football or hurling match can be predicted by following the strategies of the teams playing. Teams that are desperate for a win, or who put an emphasis on scoring early on, are good targets to consider.
  • The simplest and most straightforward market for Gaelic sports. The odds for this market are posted a bit later than for other sports, which means you have less time to prepare. Our advice would be to prepare in advance so you don’t have to wait for the odds to be published every time.
  • When two evenly matched teams face off in a game, oddsmakers may assign a handicap to the stronger team. The handicap makes things more even by giving the weaker team extra points to make up for the difference between the two teams’ abilities.
  • If you like taking risks, you can gamble on Gaelic sports events that haven’t happened yet. For example, you could bet on Kerry to win the 2023 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship now even though no one knows what will happen in three years. The odds might be good if you’re lucky.
  • The win margin market is a good way to make a profit. You can get high odds by backing the underdog, but you have to be willing to get a bit more technical. The win margin market simply guesses the point difference at the end of the match.
  • When betting on the total number of goals scored in a game, you can disregard team quality and pay attention only to the number of offensive opportunities each team creates. The total output can be either higher or lower than the number picked by oddsmakers.
  • Half-time/Full-time resultThis bet type is only available for situations where you know the teams from top to bottom. You’re not just picking the winner, but also the exact result.
  • Draw no bet markets are great for those who like betting on sports but don’t want to risk losing money. These markets allow you to choose the winner of a match, just like in a moneyline market. The only difference is that if the match ends in a draw, your bet gets refunded. As for drawbacks, you may notice that odds are lower than they would be otherwise. Still, you have a 66% chance of not losing money!

Proposition markets can be useful for predicting the outcome of a game. They are almost always random, but if you get lucky, it can pay off big time. Some regions also have their own bet types that might seem strange at first, but it’s best to learn about the ones mentioned above before experimenting with them. Combining them all into multis gives you a new view of Gaelic sports betting sites as a whole.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Gaelic Sports Betting?

Gaelic sports betting has many benefits. Learning about a whole culture, seeing some of the fastest-paced gameplay in existence, and getting two excellent sports for the price of one are just a few of them.

There are no drawbacks to this sport, except for the fact that it’s unlike any other. It’s a combination of several different games, including soccer and rugby, but 8spins believes it’s easier than it looks.

What Are Some GAA Sports Betting Tips?

After weighing the pros and cons of several different betting tips, our team has decided that these tips are the most important ones:

  • Before the game, follow Irish reporters on Twitter. They will give you updates on injuries and other events that might affect the outcome of the game.
  • To make sure you understand the game, watch some game footage and read a tutorial or two before you even think about submitting your first slips.
  • When you are looking for the best Gaelic sports betting sites, you will want to check out the stats. One way to do this is to look at how each team has performed in the last few seasons. By seeing how each team plays and whether or not they have a realistic shot at messing up an opponent’s gameplan, you can determine if one site offers better odds than another.
  • It’s worth looking at recent form when assessing the chances of a team succeeding in future matches. Longer slumps can be considered red flags, but losses can happen too.

Are You Sure It’s a Good Idea to Place Live Bets on Gaelic Sports?

Gaelic sports betting is a great idea for anyone who wants to learn about this sport and have fun. There are several things that you need to consider before placing your bets, though. First of all, it’s important to understand the rules of the game and be patient when learning about them. Once you know what you’re doing, it’ll be easy to place bets on Gaelic sports events.

Is it worth the risk to bet on GAA sports?

Gaelic sports betting websites can be a lot of fun, but whether or not they are worth the time and effort depends on you. Even though it’s gambling and luck-based, being prepared and knowing every team can help you make better decisions. It’s all about giving you that slight push over the edge!


Where can I place bets on Gaelic sports?

To bet on Gaelic football and hurling, just sign up for an account at a betting site, make a deposit, and select the market you want to bet on. Confirm your selection and then wait to see if you win. If you do, the money will be added to your account.

Is Gaelic sports betting difficult?

It’s not harder or easier to learn Gaelic sports. Just read about the basics of the game, watch some highlights, and get started.

What’s the best strategy for Gaelic sports betting?

Here are some tips to help you win when betting on Gaelic sports: 1. Always have a budget prepared in advance; 2. Be smart and make informed decisions; 3. Don’t bet on every game just because it’s fun.

Should I bet on hurling and Gaelic football?

Although the rules of each sport are slightly different, betting on both sports gives you twice as many games to choose from.

Are futures for Gaelic sports a good idea?

Gaelic sports futures are risky, so it’s best not to put all your money on them. Setting aside some money for smaller bets can be fun, but don’t expect anything in return.

What are some good Gaelic sports betting bonuses?

Yes, most sports betting sites offer new customers some kind of welcome bonus. Check our list for some of the best deals.