The Best Choices for Online Betting with eSport Bookmakers (2024)

List of eSports Bookmakers

The table below shows a list of online bookmakers that offer eSports betting on their gambling sites.

  • Arena for eSports
  • Livestreaming Dota and CS events is a great way to bring your viewers into the action.
  • Regular bonus campaigns
  • Focused on eSports
  • Convenient Payments
  • Accepts Cryptocurrency
  • Good casino section
  • Superb eSports
  • Live streaming for eSports
  • A wide range of betting options are available for sports betting enthusiasts.
  • Many slot games
  • Live casino games with real dealers are a great way to enjoy your favorite card or table games.
  • Good sports bonus
  • There are many different ways to bet on sports.
  • High odds
  • High odds
  • Great markets
  • Superb support
  • Good bonuses
  • You can bet on a wide range of sports.
  • Different casino games
  • Great selection of esports
  • Modern website design
  • Live streaming and cash-out

eSports betting has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Today, you can place a bet on just about any esport match or tournament. However, it’s essential that you choose the right bookmakers online from the get-go in order to ensure maximum returns on your investment.

8Spins set out to find the best eSports betting sites by examining the bonuses, banking options, and other factors that affect your experience.

The guide takes just a few minutes to read, but it will make you a pro on every eSports betting site. Are you in?

The Best Online Bookmakers for eSports Betting

eSports are a very popular betting topic nowadays. We’ve collected some useful information on eSports bookmakers and offer it to you.

If you want to learn more about each of these sites, keep reading.


GGbet is a popular eSports betting site. You can bet on Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and other eSports events on this site.

  • Pros:
  • Watch eSports tournaments live on Twitch for free
  • Professional LiveMaps
  • Dynamic markets
  • Cons:
  • Lack of eSports mobile apps

Visit GGbet eSports


Cbet gives you the chance to watch live events in HD. Everyone likes an equal start.

  • Pros:
  • Twitch offers a live streaming feature that lets users broadcast their gaming sessions to the world.
  • Watch eSports matches live
  • Many top eSports leagues
  • Cons:
  • Some times the information provided in eSports statistics is too scarce

Try Cbet eSports


If you’re looking for a wide variety of e-sports, you may be disappointed. Cyberbet currently seems to be focusing on providing some of the most famous titles. If you’re looking for something more exotic, this isn’t the place to find it.

  • Pros:
  • Players can stream live matches in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
  • Popular eSports events are broadcast on television, online and through mobile apps.
  • Cons:
  • Esports have to be more than just a competition.
  • Some events do not offer odds

Join Cyber Bet eSports

If you trust the platform for online betting, you’ll have a chance to try your hand at many live eSports games. These include Fifa, Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

  • Pros:
  • Live streaming video, which is active and free
  • Good odds for eSports events
  • Cons:
  • Popular eSports disciplines include…

Link To eSports


In our opinion, Melbet has room for improvement when it comes to e-sports presentation. The quality and sound of the video are good but could be improved upon.

  • Pros:
  • HD video of LIVE eSports
  • Esports Pre-match option
  • Cons:
  • Some events do not have live streaming
  • When we talk about e-sports, the platform is slightly chaotic.

Go To Melbet eSports


If you’re interested in placing map bets or wagering on most kills, consider 22bet. The bookie offers more eSports markets than other sportsbooks.

  • Pros
  • Let’s you live stream events that are happening around the world.
  • Offers eSports in-play betting
  • Provides real-time game results
  • Fair eSports odds
  • Cons
  • To watch eSports live, you need to sign up.

Visit 22bet eSports


Betway is always at the forefront of providing gamblers with interactive eSports matches. The bookie covers all major events, including The International.

  • Pros
  • Hosts tournaments and competitions for a wide range of eSports
  • Punters can receive a range of bonuses when they bet on eSports.
  • Provides HD eSports streaming
  • Offers eSports outright
  • Cons
  • To watch eSports matches, you need to sign up.

Try Betway eSports


Surprises don’t stop at Unibet eSports punting. You can bet on unique eSports events whenever you want, providing you with complete access to a whole new world of betting opportunities.

  • Pros
  • Offers eSports bonuses
  • Provides real-time eSports results
  • Allows live betting
  • Allows you to take advantage of some events by cashing them in.
  • Cons
  • Please do not bet on domestic eSports.

Join Unibet eSports is an excellent place to place eSports bets, with a constantly updated section and a wide range of markets.

  • Pros
  • Offers eSports bonuses
  • Provides real-time eSports results
  • Allows live betting
  • Allows you to cash out some events
  • Cons
  • Domestic eSports bets are not permitted.

Link To eSports

What are Electronic Sports, a.k.a. eSports?

eSports refers to competitive video game tournaments, where professional players play certain games in front of an audience and bettors can place wagers on who will win. The most famous eSports game is FIFA, but other popular titles include Dota 2, League of Legends (LOL), World of Warcraft (WOW), StarCraft, Counter-Strike: GO, and many more. If you’re already familiar with these titles, eSports betting might be right up your street!

eSports betting is a type of sports betting in which players gamble on games played by people rather than against an opponent or a computer. You can only bet on PvP games because it’s all about the skill level. When it’s a PvE type of situation, it’s not fair to gauge a human’s performance against an AI.

Many game developers and publishers now fund their own competitive circuits. For example, Blizzard Entertainment has its own Overwatch and Hearthstone tournaments and Valve sponsors CS:GO and DOTA 2 events. There are also many regional qualifiers and events to choose from at eSports betting websites.

What eSports Can I Bet On?

Here are some more notable eSports titles that are available for online wagers.

  • Call of Duty
  • Cyber Cup
  • CrossFire
  • Doom
  • eSports Battle
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch
  • Liga Pro
  • World of Tanks

Of course, there are many more eSports than what is listed here. There are so many that it would be impossible to list them all.

Can I Claim an eSports Bonus?

Depending on the bookmaker and its range of promo rewards, players may be eligible for an eSports bonus. Leading brands will often offer such an incentive to loyal customers, so customers can pick up a different offer every day of the month if they choose the right sports betting site.

What Are the Most Trusted eSports Betting Sites?

Finding the best bookies for eSports betting is an important step toward having fun and winning money. To ensure your safety, you should only use licensed bookmakers that have undergone regular auditing by their regulators. The sites above are our top picks because they offer the full package of eSports services.

What Are the Available Betting Markets?

Let’s take a look at the markets you may encounter at these bookies:

  • Even though eSports and traditional sports are different, there is one thing that remains the same: you want your team to win. If you want to bet on who will win a game or tournament, you can do so weeks in advance at CS:GO eSports betting sites.
  • Outright bets let you place a wager on the outcome of a future event, months before it takes place. If you like doing things early, this can be a great way to get some high odds.
  • In handicap betting markets, the favourite is given a head start. This means that even if the underdog loses, you don’t lose more than your stake.
  • The first kill of a map or match can have a huge impact on the course of the game, and eSports betting sites offer odds on who will score first blood.
  • It’s important to have an advantage on one map in a best-of-three series. You can focus on that one map to give you a leg up in the matchup.
  • Most boxing matches go the distance, with the winner being decided by a decision of judges or by knockout. You can bet on whether there will be more rounds than a given number (i.e., 23.5), or less.
  • This market predicts the exact number of rounds there will be. For instance, if NaVi are playing FaZe, you can win a lot by correctly predicting a 16-9 win for NaVi.

The Pros and Cons of e-Sports Betting

There are many different games to learn and study when betting on esports. We at 8Spins love to focus on DOTA 2, League of Legends, and other titles because we get something new to learn every day.

While this is one of the biggest deterrents for the whole niche, it’s also one of its biggest incentives: you can find the best eSports betting site in the world and watch as many films as you want. If you’re willing to put in a lot of effort, then it’s absolutely worth it!

What Are Some eSports Betting Tips?

Sports betting sites are no different than regular bookies. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily lose your shirt. Use these tips to point your strategy in the right direction:

  • Betting on big favourites in Best of One matches is risky. A playoff series in major US sports leagues is a best-of-7 because it allows the best team to win. In eSports, the same thing applies. Anything can happen in a single game match.
  • When you bet on sports, it’s important to understand the game. Our best sports betting site examples offer a variety of games, including free and really cheap ones. You can also take advantage of holiday discounts to save even more money while playing.
  • Check the news for roster changes. New players are always being signed by teams, and some may make a difference. If a team’s best player leaves it can affect their ability to compete. Every eSports betting site has a new section, so you can start from there.
  • Before placing a bet on an eSports team or player, look them up and watch their highlights. This will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each team so that you can make better bets.
  • If you want to learn about the strategies used in matches, watch videos and streams on YouTube and Twitch. You can see how teams play and how certain patterns emerge during a match.
  • Be cautious when you are dealing with new or lesser-known teams. Just because there is not much information available on a team, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a threat. Look up the usernames of each player on the team and watch how they play; this will give you valuable insight into their skill level.
  • Watch live-streamed eSports events and learn from the pros. Streamers can give you an inside look at every game, and you can see how they play for free.

Is Live Betting on eSports a Good Choice?

Live betting on eSports is a great way to spice up the action. You have tons of markets to choose from and can even watch the official stream while keeping track of the stats. It would be even better if your bookie had live stats without having to crunch them yourself!

Is It Worth It to Bet on eSports?

eSports betting sites can be a boon for your earnings if you play your cards right. When betting on any game, it’s important to do research and understand the statistics behind the teams and players. If you don’t spend time studying up, you’re unlikely to win much money over time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do eSports wagers come with long odds?

The odds of a particular outcome vary depending on several factors, including the form of the players and their past stats data.

How can I make a winning eSports bet?

If you are new to eSports betting, it may take you some time to learn the ropes. But once you do, you can use certain betting strategies to make money from value bets.

Can I win big betting on eSports?

Nobody can guarantee that you’ll win, but if you do your research and bet with a professional bookmaker, your chances will go up.

Which is the best bookmaker to bet on eSports?

GGbet, Cbet, and are three of the most popular eSports betting sites. They cover a lot of events and have high odds.

Is eSports betting legal?

Depending on where you live, eSports betting may or may not be regulated by law. Check with your country’s regulatory body to make sure.

What is the easiest game to bet on when getting started with eSports betting?

CS:GO is considered the easiest eSport to understand. The goal is for terrorists to plant/defuse the bomb, while counter-terrorists try to prevent them from doing so.

Are there any bonuses available at eSports betting sites?

Yes, many online eSports betting sites offer new players bonuses and promos as part of welcome packages.

Are eSports live betting odds profitable?

eSports betting is the most profitable because it’s heavily data-driven. Everything that happens in eSports takes place digitally, which makes it possible to perform deep analyses.

What is the most popular eSports betting market?