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Bitstarz is an award-winning crypto casino with more than 2.7 million players and more than 3,200 games. It offers a great affiliate programme with up to 40% commission on referred players’ deposits. In this review we explain everything you need to know about Starzpartners, simplifying the process for you.

How To Join BitStarz Affiliates?

Here’s how to join BitStarz Partners:

  1. First, load the official BitStarz Partners website.
  2. Click the green Get Started button to get started.
  3. Enter your name and email address, then click continue.
  4. Next, enter your email address and password and then click “Agree”.
  5. Finally, click the ‘Sign Up’ button to create your account.

After you’ve completed the application, your personal affiliate manager will help you market your link.

Before you join Starzpartners, here are some details to know:

Starz Partners runs BitStarz casino affiliate programme. The programme’s website is simple and easy to use, whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or an experienced player. When you click on the ‘Join’ button, you’ll see a registration form.

To earn money with BitStarz Partners, you need to start marketing the casino. You get paid on commission; in other words, when a punter you refer makes a deposit and bets on games.

BitStarz provides you with a variety of tools to help you market your casino. These include banner ads, charts, and tracking links.

When you scroll through our partners, you’ll find out how much they pay and what currencies they use to pay you. You’ll also get answers to the questions you have about our programme.

What is the commission structure at Starz Partners?

When you become a BitStarz partner, your main task is referring new customers. When you refer someone who then creates an account with us, here’s how much you get paid:

The above table shows how much you can earn by referring new players. Therefore, if you want to make more money, you need to refer more players.

BitStarz casino offers a number of ways to earn rewards. These include:

BitStarz Affiliation

This is the most common type of affiliation. It exists between BitStarz, who hires partners to market its casino products. Partners may also hire others as partners to further expand their reach.


BitStarz Partners earn revenue share on their affiliates’ earnings. If an affiliate brings new players to a casino, the casino gives them a percentage of the money that those players spend on gambling.


A sub-affiliate is a person who promotes and/or markets a third party’s products or services. A BitStarz affiliate can hire someone to market the casino on his/her behalf. In this type of relationship, the sub-affiliate does not report directly to BitStarz.

The sub-affiliate programme is a BitStarz initiative designed to reward affiliates for their work in promoting the casino.

Currently, BitStarz does not have a sub-affiliate programme. However, it allows this kind of affiliation. Sub-affiliates should contact their affiliate managers for more information about commission revenue.

To see and manage your sub-affiliates, go to the Reports section of your Affiliate dashboard and click on the Sub-Affiliates menu.


Cost per action (CPA) is a payment model in which BitStarz pays affiliates for any action a customer takes. For example, if someone clicks on an affiliate link, the affiliate will receive some amount of money.

While BitStarz does use the model in some parts of its programme, it does not use it for betting products because many punters click betting links without signing up.

Pros and Cons of the Affiliate Program

With a name like Bitstarz, this online casino is sure to attract a lot of attention. It is licensed by the government and has gained popularity by offering a wide variety of games to its users.

  • Let players make their own marketing materials.
  • You will receive payments every month on the fifth.
  • Allow sub-affiliation
  • Allow a range of currencies
  • It also provides partners with useful statistics.
  • No negative carryovers
  • No commissions, licensing fees, or hybrid payments.
  • The withdrawal minimum is set at a high amount.

How Do I Become a Bitstarz Partner?

Many people are interested in becoming Starzpartners. To become a partner, one must register an account by providing the needed information.

Additionally, all partners must have a website, social media presence or marketing platform in order to be considered for the BitStarz affiliate program.

The Bitstarz affiliate programme offers the following benefits:

What are the Target Markets? (Allowed Countries)

BitStarz Casino offers an affiliate programme to many countries. However, it is only available in 22 countries globally. Below are a few examples of countries where it works:

What Affiliate Marketing Resources Are Available?

Marketing materials can range from the simple to the complex. Some of these include:

BitStarz helps you to create your own materials and adapt them to your audience.

How do I contact Starz Partners?

If you encounter any difficulties when using our service, please contact us at the following address:

If you need further assistance, please contact your account manager.

What are the Payment Details?

As a leading online casino, BitStarz wants to ensure that all its customers receive their payments quickly and easily. The casino’s affiliate programme offers quick and reliable payment methods.

On the first of every month, all payments are processed. The following currencies are accepted: Euro, Bitcoin and others. The affiliate programme accepts several payment methods, for example Neteller and Skrill (Moneybookers).

You can also use other services like NeoSurf, Interac, Tether and Litecoin.


Are you being paid in BTC as a BitStarz affiliate?

Yes, you can get paid in any currency that you choose to deposit with. Therefore, if you choose to deposit BTC, you’ll be able to receive payments in that currency.

How much is it to join StarzPartners?

There is no cost to join BitStarz affiliates. Thus, you can sign up for free.

How can I create affiliate links?

To generate affiliate links, visit your affiliate page and then click on the ‘Create New Campaign’ link.

Can I join the Starz Affiliates program if I don’t own a website?

Yes, you can earn commissions as a BitStarz affiliate if you don’t have your own website. You can promote the casino via social media or other channels.

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