Best Golf Betting Bookmakers

Golf betting sites and bookmakers have made the game more accessible to newcomers who want to learn about it. The overall market is at a pretty high level right now, not just with a couple of futures here and there.

We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the golf betting world. The best golf betting sites are included, as well as tons of tips and strategies to help you succeed. We also have special attention paid to the essential bet types every beginner should know, so let’s get started!

Best Bookmakers for Golf Betting

Golf betting is easy and exciting with these bookmakers.


Bwin is the best bookmaker for golf betting, offering a wide range of markets. You can bet on golf using your mobile phone.

  • Pros
  • Provides golf outrights
  • Offers live golf statistics
  • Golf odds are always exciting to follow.
  • Allows accumulator betting
  • Cons
  • Lacks golf betting tips

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If you are a golf fanatic, 22bet is a great resource for placing bets on your favorite game. With the bookie, you can enjoy numerous live betting options and exciting tips.

  • Pros
  • Golf punters can get great odds on Outright betting with this company.
  • Has exciting pre-match odds
  • Offers golfers comprehensive statistics about their game.
  • We always have great deals on golf matches.
  • Cons
  • Has few in-play matches

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Unibet is one of the best online bookmakers for betting on golf tournaments. It covers most golf events both, domestic and international.

  • Pros
  • Guarantees significant golf odds
  • Golf fans can now stream live events
  • Punters can track live scores for all their favourite teams.
  • Offers amazing golf Outrights
  • Cons
  • Lacks exciting golf promotions

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1xbit offers clients the chance to bet on golf matches using cryptocurrency. This is one of the few sites that offer this service and it also provides a range of exciting features for punters.

  • Pros
  • Offers golf accumulators
  • Has golf bonuses
  • Provides a full range of odds
  • Offers live golf statistics
  • Cons
  • In-play markets are few

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Melbet offers golf bets with high odds, making it a profitable place to bet on golf. The site covers major tournaments like The Masters Tournament, The Open Championship and US PGA Champions.

  • Pros
  • Guarantees competitive odds
  • Permits in-play betting
  • Displays real-time golf results
  • Has a tool for placing bets on multiple teams at once
  • Cons
  • Streaming live events is a challenge.

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1xbet is a great way to access the latest golf fixtures. In addition, the gold events are updated as soon as they are confirmed.

  • Pros
  • Golf fans can now place bets on matches in progress.
  • Offers live golf stats
  • Some golf bets allow cash-out.
  • Golf punters have high odds of winning.
  • Cons
  • Golf betting tips are not very thorough.

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For years, Ladbrokes has been offering the best golf fixtures. In addition to this, they have been offering the best betting features as well.

  • Pros
  • Accepts in-play betting by golf bettors and allows them to keep up with the action
  • Offers a live streaming service which allows you to watch TV and movies instantly.
  • Has the best odds sizes
  • Access to golf statistics that you can use to improve your game
  • Cons
  • Lacks suitable golf bonuses

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William Hill

William Hill offers a wide range of golf markets, including Hole in One (which offers odds on the first player to score a hole in one) and Top 10 Finish by Finnish Players (which gives odds on which Finnish player will finish the tournament in tenth place). William Hill also offers generous odds and excellent golf coverage.

  • Pros
  • Permits in-play punting
  • Allows golf bets to be redeemed for cash
  • Offers free golf betting tips
  • Golf betting offers enticing Each-Way terms.
  • Cons
  • This site covers golf tournaments held outside the United States.

You can find all the latest news and updates on William Hill golf here.


888sport is a great place to bet on golf. It offers plenty of opportunities to place wagers on all kinds of golf fixtures, and it sometimes even gives out free bets to loyal customers.

  • Pros
  • Covers every major tournament
  • In-play punting is possible
  • You can cash out a portion of your winnings on certain golf bets.
  • Live statistics are accepted
  • Cons
  • Doesn’t include much information about modern golf tournaments

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What Is Golf Betting?

Golf betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the PGA Tour’s constant stream of tournaments and other competitions. This popularity has made golf betting sites more visible, leading more bettors to take an interest in them. Why this change all of a sudden? What caused the sudden rise?

In the last few decades, golf has become one of the most popular sports in the world. Tiger Woods’s emergence as a superstar of the sport definitely helped its popularity, but there are several other reasons that influenced this transformation. These include:

If you like betting on a wide variety of sports, then PGA golf is a good choice. You can enjoy intense betting periods during the season, but first you need to find a good online bookmaker.

Which Are Some Trusted Golf Betting Sites?

Where should you place wagers on golf? Licensed bookmakers are the best choice. Licensed bookmakers have to comply with the laws of their country, so you can be sure that they’ll have high standards. You’ll also be protected as a customer.

We’ve compared some of the most trusted online bookmakers for you, so you can find the best one for your needs. Throughout this article, we’ll be focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of each site.

What Are the Available Bets?

Golf betting sites offer a wide array of markets for you to wager on. recommends these four:

  • To avoid settling for impossible odds, just go for a top 20 finish. Some bookies even let you pick a top 5, but it’s not a commonplace market.
  • Hitting a hole in one is an achievement that requires a unique mix of precision, luck, training, endurance and more. It is almost impossible to hit a hole in one on the first day of play at a par-3 hole with its small target and long distance away from the tee box. However, you can still bet on such an event happening. Our advice would be only to bet on this market if you see someone with an Eagle.
  • Winning the tournament is not guaranteed, but it is possible. The odds will be low, but still relatively high.
  • The each-way market is a type of bet for horse-racing. You can pick a horse to win or finish in the top 5/6/7. If either of these things happen, you win, but you’ll win a bigger amount if he takes the whole thing.
  • The 54 hole match bet is a way to avoid nulling your punts when there’s torrential rain during a golf tournament. After 3 rounds or 54 holes, the leader will be considered the winner. The best way to consider this bet is to check your weather app for the tournament’s location beforehand.
  • For the first round of a golf tournament, betеnemy recommends that you disregard current odds and look for a longshot to win. The reason is simple: on Thursdays, more inconsistent golfers get in a groove and weather conditions often disrupt favourites. The result? A situation where an unlikely mid-table competitor comes out on top.

Golf betting sites offer a number of advantages. The most notable is the sheer number of markets available. With 100 competitors in a tournament, you have thousands of additional markets to choose from. This is in stark contrast to tennis matches, where there are only two players and a limited number of ways the match will end. Also, no two golf tournaments are ever the same. Not just because of unique courses but even slight changes in weather can result in crazy turnarounds.

The sport’s uniqueness is its biggest strength, but it can also be a weakness. Golf betting sites are popular, but they’re fertile ground for failure. For beginners, it may be tough to learn about all the caveats–from sand traps to penalties and whatnot. Don’t worry though; just pick a day and watch footage from a couple of tournaments. Once you see the golfers in action, you’ll easily understand how everything works. You can do it!

What Are Some Golf Betting Tips?

Tips can make all the difference between success and failure at even the best golf betting sites. Betеnemy offers four pieces of advice to help you get over any bump in the road:

  • When it comes to golf tournaments, the weather is a huge factor. If the weather is sunny in the morning, it gives the golfers who are first to drive a better chance of hitting a good shot without interference from clouds or wind. Afternoons are known to get cloudy or windy. And even if there is no cloud cover, the sun’s position can still impact players’ vision. So make sure you check the forecast closely before heading out on the green.
  • To make the best betting choices, check the players’ form and statistics. Great golfers will tell you that confidence is key in this sport, and we’ve seen Tiger Woods pull off amazing comebacks just on the wings of previous victories. That’s why you should play at sites with a statistics section so you can back your bets with cold, hard facts.
  • If you’re thinking of live betting or getting pre-round odds in the nick of time, this is the best time to do it.
  • Get familiar with the course.Each golf course is unique at the top level. You can use past performance to find out which picks would be particularly risky.

Why You Should Place Bets on Golf Majors

Beteenemy loves the April-July period because you can easily find great odds, limited-time offers, and lots of free bets. It’s basically the Super Bowl of golf betting.

Is it Worth it to Bet on Golf?

If you want to place bets on golf, but still want to feel safe about it, then make sure to follow the news and study the rules of the sport. By doing this you will become more comfortable with taking punts on golf tournaments. Just be patient and soon enough it will be worth it.


How to find the best golf betting sites online?

8spins’s official rankings can be found above. These are the top rated golf bookmakers in the world, according to our experts.

What are the best golf betting markets to bet on?

The best golf market for most people is Each Way, which is also our favourite. With it, you can secure a payout in almost any scenario and an increased award if your pick also wins.

Do you have to use a bonus when playing at a golf betting website?

No, but promotions are a great way to get free cash or a free bet on Majors tournaments.

Can I win when I bet on golf tournaments?

Yes, but at the same time you have to be patient and learn about the sport in order to know how to handle any situation.

What golfing events are the most lucrative for placing bets?

The four Majors are the most important tournaments in golf betting. They feature the world’s best players, and coverage is extensive.

Is Olympics golf betting a good idea?

Yes, the level of competition may be lower than that of the PGA Tour. Still, it’s fun to watch golfers compete at this level.