How to Contact 1xbet?

At, we understand the significance of accessing high-quality customer service while gambling online. Hence, we have carefully assessed the assistance and support provided by the online 1xBet casino. This piece will delve into the proficiency of 1xBet’s customer support and their response time.

How Do I Contact 1xBet?

It is quite easy to explore the different methods available for obtaining help from 1xBet’s customer support.

  1. To access the links on the 1xBet homepage, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page. There’s no need to log in beforehand.
  2. Select ‘Contacts’ from the left-hand column.
  3. This will bring up the various available contact methods.
  4. You can either pick from the available choices or tap on the green chat bubble symbol at the lower right corner.

All 1xbet Email Addresses by Country

If your preferred method of getting help is writing an email, here are the 1xBet contacts for general enquiries for various languages/countries.

In addition, 1xBet offers various alternative email addresses for more specific inquiries. However, unlike the general enquiries address, these 1xBet support emails remain constant and are not location-dependent.


While not the quickest method, email communication at 1xBet is ideal for addressing more intricate inquiries. In our observations, we found that posing a question via email yielded more comprehensive responses compared to using live chat, for instance. Customer service representatives handling email inquiries tend to prioritize details over speed to a certain extent.


Emails from 1xBet can often end up in spam folders, so you will need to check these regularly whenever you are expecting a response.

Furthermore, when it comes to customer support in English, there are instances where responses may be formulated in a slightly unconventional manner, differing from how a native speaker would express themselves. However, this is merely a minor concern as the responses remain easily comprehensible.

Call Them at 1xBet Customer Service Number

To get in touch with 1xBet, you can reach them at ‎+44 127 325-69-87, which serves as their primary contact telephone number across various regions where 1xBet is active. Nonetheless, there are a few local numbers available for specific locations like Uganda (0800220620).

1xBet customer support can also be reached through WhatsApp using the number +357 9576 4426, but it is important to note that this channel is available specifically for written messages and not for making phone calls.


Reaching out to 1xBet via phone is a cost-free option that proves beneficial for urgent inquiries. Moreover, the wait times are generally short, saving you from spending excessive hours trying to reach a customer support representative.


Currently, phone support is exclusively provided in English, which may not cater to everyone’s needs. Additionally, there are instances when phone representatives advise sending an email instead, as they are unable to handle certain inquiries directly.

Get in Touch via 1xBet Live Chat

The green speech bubble button can be found on various pages of 1xBet, positioned at the bottom right of the screen. This button serves as a means to access the live chat system. Initially, your interaction will be with a virtual assistant who will make an effort to respond to your queries.

If the AI system is incapable of providing a response to your query, all you need to do is type, “I would like to talk to a representative.” Afterward, you can click on a link that will establish a connection to a live agent.


Registration is not required to use the live chat feature at 1xBet, making it highly convenient for users who have pre-registration questions. Moreover, proficiency in English is not essential, as the 1xBet live chat system is available in multiple languages to accommodate their global user base.


Even if an agent greets you immediately, it may still take a while for them to handle your request. It seems that you are effectively queued after the initial greeting. Unfortunately, there is no estimated wait time, making it difficult to determine if waiting is worthwhile. In one case, it took nearly 30 minutes for the agent to start responding to our inquiries.

Average Waiting Time for 1xBet Contacts

It’s crucial to understand that waiting times can vary due to busy and slow periods. However, based on our personal experience, the following numbers should serve as a trustworthy general reference.

Headquarters Address

1xBet’s official headquarters is located in Limassol, Cyprus, which is a sought-after destination for online betting platforms.

Whether you are already a loyal customer or considering signing up, it is easy for anyone to contact 1xBet. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance, even if you haven’t registered yet. They will gladly address any inquiries you might have.

1xBet understands the importance of offering various contact options to ensure efficient customer support. They are ready to provide answers to any inquiries you may have, whether it is regarding verification, bet settlements, withdrawals, bonuses, or any other matter.

List of Social Media Accounts

The official English Facebook account of 1xBet has recently been closed, possibly temporarily. This leaves them with an active presence on Twitter and Instagram only. Combined, these two channels have a strong following of over 200k users.

The company has established customized channels in certain countries like Bangladesh (FB 1xbet), but it is crucial to verify their authenticity as there are numerous fraudulent counterparts in existence.

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