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This article will explore everything you need to know about 1xBet affiliates, from A to Z. Let’s get started now. 1xBet affiliates can earn up to 25% commission when partnering with the company by marketing players’ interest in joining the bookie. The more new users you refer, the higher the commission.

How to Join into 1xBet Affiliates?

To become an affiliate for the 1xBet affiliate program, join the 1xBet Partners program. The next big question for any interested punter would be how to enter that program.

To become an affiliate, you can simply register for an account. To make things simple, we’ve outlined the following steps:

  1. The official website of 1xBet is loaded with affiliate programs and you can find the link to this program in the footer.
  2. The link will open on the affiliate programme site, and here you will find a Registration button.
  3. When you fill out the details form, start by entering your username, password, email address, and phone number.
  4. Please continue to enter your information in order to register with the 1xBet Affiliate Program.
  5. Enter your address, phone number, and payment method details.
  6. Please read the terms and conditions of the programme, then hit ‘Register’ to continue the application process.

What Commission Rates Does 1xBet Pay?

When you join 1xBet Affiliates, you can earn a commission of up to 25% on the first deposit of new players who join through your conversion link.

Therefore, while it is important to bring new players on board as soon as possible, you should also make sure that you are doing everything in your power to get those new punters to stay with you. As more people stay with you, the more money they earn for you by betting on your site.

According to the 1 x bet partners website, the average affiliate earns $944 a month after the first month. The regular payouts are also a perk that you should not overlook. Reviews by many affiliates confirm that some affiliates who are doing well get paid every week.

Who Can Benefit from the 1xBet Affiliate Program?

When you join the program and refer other punters to our platform, you will earn commission on their first deposit.

The 1xBet Partners Programme is designed to help anyone who knows how to do their internet marketing correctly.

The 1xBet Partners programme can help you reach your business goals by bringing together a wide range of benefits for your clients.

Here’s how the 1xBet affiliate programme works. If you have a social media or blog account and can display your unique conversion link, then you can join the programme. You’ll also be able to display all materials given by our partners so they can advertise their own products and services.

What does the 1xBet Partner Program offer?

To get the most out of the 1xBet Partners programme, you need to understand how it works.

A step-by-step guide for getting started with this process is below.


To get started, you’ll need to register with the 1xBet Partners. To do this, open the 1xBet website and on the menu at the left, click ‘Affiliate Program’.

Here, fill out the form and provide your details, including name, email address and country.

After you qualify, we will evaluate your progress and give you a decision on whether to continue with the program.

1xBet has no language requirements, so you can promote the company around the world.

Place Advertising and Marketing Materials on Websites

Once you’ve been approved for the 1 x Bet Affiliate program, you’ll start receiving advertisements and marketing materials.

You can create materials for your advertisements, such as charts and banners. If you want to do this, you can liaise with 1xBet partners to receive approval for what you want to put in your advertisements.

Refer Your Website Visitors

When you place ads on 1xBet, users will start visiting your website. They can then join your site through the link you provide.

When you register and start depositing for a play, 1xBet will pay you a little bit of commission for each deposit.


When you do a good job, 1xBet has a way of returning the favor. If punters join through your link, be sure to expect some commission on their business.

How to Create a Campaign and Generate an Affiliate CodeStep by Step Instructions

When you set up a campaign, generate an affiliate link and offer your link to 1xBet, you can earn some commission from punters who deposit cash into their accounts.

The question is, how do you create a campaign for your ads and generate a referral link? Relax as we’ll walk you through the steps.

  1. Go to your 1xBet Partners affiliate account and log in.
  2. Click on ‘Websites’, enter your URL and click on ‘Save’.
  3. You can select your category, in this case Sports predictions.
  4. To add a new site, click on the blue ‘Add site’ button.
  5. To start, locate the ‘Affiliate Links’ button at the far left of your screen and click it. This will open a drop-down menu in which you can select the website you wish to link to.
  6. Once you’ve chosen a currency and region, click “Select Country” to choose the country you wish to promote, and then click on the website address you wish your customers to be directed to.
  7. Click Generate Link to enter the name of your campaign.
  8. Once this is complete, you will see your link on the dashboard and can copy it to start marketing.

Where to Place your Advertisements As a 1xBet Affiliate?

As a 1xBet partner, you could place advertisements in the following places:

Make sure you give your users a great experience when they come to your website. No bugs or lags will help you increase the number of people who choose to use 1xbet.

You can advertise in several places and see how things go.

The 1xBet Affiliate App

1xBet Partners have developed a mobile app for program partners to help create a unique experience and enable punters to make the best of it.

To get 1xBet on Android, check out their website by clicking the “Get On The App Store” option in the upper right corner. You’ll see an APK file for download.

The process of setting up the 1xBet Partners app for affiliate marketing is easy and straightforward, and registration takes just a few minutes. If you already have an affiliate account, you can log into it right after installing the app. Below are some of the benefits of using this app for your business.

Why Join this Partner Affiliate Program?

You should consider joining the 1xBet Aff Program if you want to enjoy the following benefits:

Is There a Sub Affiliate Program?

When you sign up for the 1xBet Affiliate Partners program, we will assign you a sub-affiliate – someone who works for us and is part of our team. This person will help you promote the 1xBet website, get new customers and earn more money for his or her work.

The sub-affiliate program lets you run an affiliate program on your own website, and you can choose which partners to bring into it. You’ll be able to see how well they’re doing, and if they’re making enough money as affiliates, they may be earning a profit for you!

When you become a 1xBet Partners affiliate, you will be able to start a sub-affiliate program.

How to Reach My Affiliate Manager

If you need to contact your affiliate manager at 1xBet Partners, click on the ‘Contacts’ button on the upper menu. You will see a list of email addresses – one for each affiliate manager. Here is a full list of contacts with 1xBet partner if you need support from your affiliate manager.

Terms and Conditions to Consider

As with any online bookmaker, 1xBet Partner’s affiliate program is governed by a set of terms and conditions.

Before you register your affiliate account, make sure that you understand the terms of the program. After you do, you can go to the 1xBet Affiliate Programme website and read through the terms in order to be sure that they are agreeable with your own personal expectations.

In all honesty, the terms here are not going to mean as much to you as they do in affiliate programs from the best online casino sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refer my new customers to 1xbet every month?

You don’t need to meet a minimum number of referrals to get this offer.

Does the 1xbet partner program offer free sign-up to everyone?

Yes, you can sign up for the 1xBet affiliate program as long as you are of legal age.

How long will it take to earn commissions from players who sign up through my links?

You get to do what you love and earn passive income at the same time.

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